Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Job Interview

This week, I went for a job interview at a very well known company. This company is famous for sponsoring a big time Soccer Team..

The interview was scheduled at 11 am.. I nagged my husband to take a day off and drove me there bcoz my driving license has expired.. (Oppsss).. We were already on our way when the Interviewer called and ask to reschedule our meeting to 3.30pm!! (so much for efficiency)
'Nevermind'.. We said.. So we just turn back..

Later on, my husband drove me to the venue and with full confidence, I went in to meet up with The Interviewer.. She took me to a different floor and I was introduced to another person who was going to Interview me.

It started ok.. I told them a little bit about me and my employment background.. Then things got a little bit weird.. The guy asked me if I were employed, would I be able to bring my old team mates from my previous company to work with me? (Huh??) I mean, that is like stealing!! Eventhough I am no longer working with ___, I won't do such thing.. It's just not right.. Right??

When asked what was my biggest achievement in ___, I told them that me and my team managed to ramped up our team from a group of 6 staff to 40.. Personally, I think that was a very good achievement.. Not only for me, but my whole team (You know who u are).. But the reaction on the Interviewer's face was cynical..
'Why don't you try and save a dying campaign and make it a success like we did!!'

He then asked me 'What time were you required to stayback after working hours in your previous company?' So I told him that some of us were required to stay until 8 pm.. His answer was 'ONLY until 8pm?' -- I said to myself, 'until what time do u expect me to stay a**h***? 10pm? Might as well bring my pillow to the office!! But politely I asked the guy if their company is paying OT if we are required to stayback until wee hours.. Smiling, he said 'NO'..

Since the interview went 'really well', I don't know if I should accept the offer if the call.. What do u think??? I mean, 1st impression is important in an interview right? I need to give my best 1st impression to them and vice versa..

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